Has anyone told you how beautiful you are today?

BEAUTY COMES IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES stands for more self-love and less self-doubt, more compliments and less shame, more shape, more colour, more plus size! The campaign from navabi, together with our trend-led label Manon Baptiste and 40 international bloggers, is focusing on positive affirmations that reinforce a positive body image and revel in the joy of fashion.

Let’s celebrate all the ways there are to be beautiful.

We want to work together to celebrate all of our individual beauty. Set your own affirmation and discover the t-shirt with our own personal statement here!

Share your photo on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtags #allshapesandsizes and show us your idea of beauty!


Figuring out what beauty means to you is also an opportunity to be inspired by different ideas and to create positive change in yourself and others. We believe in dynamic beauty ideals, not stuck in outdated norms. This vision of beauty has many facets, as you can see from these brilliant women who have posed for us. They’ve set out their own statements to express what beauty means to them, whether that manifests as charm, confidence or warmth. External appearances are only one piece of the puzzle as we construct our own picture of beauty. What does beauty mean to you?



Beauty is what you embody at every stage of your life. Wherever you are at this moment isn’t your peak, and it isn’t your lowest. You’re exactly where you need to be in this moment and that is what makes you beautiful! Knowing your strength and your capabilities is beauty. Seeing women being able to realize that the human potential is limitless is beyond inspiring. Collaborating with navabi has allowed me to see this more and more! To me, navabi means that no matter what shape or size, you’re always going to be your best you!



To me beauty means being comfortable in your own skin, accepting and loving yourself and embracing your individuality – you can always tell if someone is content in their own body. I always say that the finishing touch to any outfit is an air of confidence – no matter where you’re going don’t hide yourself away, know that you have as much right to take up space as anyone else and your beauty will shine through. I just love individuality and to me that is what makes everyone beautiful – even if three women are wearing the same thing with the same make up and hair they’ll never look identical because everyone is unique and has features that set them apart and make them special. When I see someone who is clearly embracing their body shape and highlighting and celebrating their less commonplace features I always think their beauty shines out. navabi give me and my fellow plus size friends the opportunity to celebrate our sense of style with pieces that you won’t find on the high street, pieces that are top quality and in a hugely diverse range of styles. navabi offers us the chance to be comfortable in our own unique beauty.



navabi truly impacted me regarding the topic of beauty when I had to dig deep and search for what beauty really means to me. I thought about all the women in my life and I could easily find beauty in each and every one of them regardless of shape and size. Beauty is found in all of them because of the common denominator of knowing that beneath shapes and sizes, we are human. From voluptuous curves to athletic statures, from brown sugar’d babes to poppin’ melanin- when we truly connect with each other, we find that we desire similar goals and possess similar struggles. That’s what makes us all beautiful- our beautiful, fiery, priceless, HUMANITY.